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  • Protea Driving School use a Driving Simulator as used by the defense force and several big corporations for driving training
  • Developed by ADS – Altech Defense Systems - to simulate driving in a real car.
  • Even the seat is controlled by the computer and moves to follow the movement of the vehicle.
  • Everything works just as in a real car – the clutch, brake, gearbox and steering closely simulate those of a real car. The use of mirrors is just as important as when you are driving a real car. Blind spots must be checked exactly in the same way as in the K53 way of driving.

Due to the professional nature of this machine, it was decided to use simple and uncomplicated graphics to enable the student to concentrate on driving and not get confused by the scenery.

Why use a Cyber Car?

  • First timers can relax and concentrate on their introduction to driving.
  • Students can concentrate without fearing other traffic.
  • Clutch control can be practiced without damaging the car.
  • Safety: It is always dangerous to take students on the open road if they are total novices.
  • This help student to take less driving lessons

Companies use the cyber car to test the capabilities of drivers they employ.


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